Mapping out in the seminar “Vozes de Direita”

mapping out

Thais França, Mapping Out, coordinator.

Venue: ICS, Lisbon.

On the 21st of July, 2022, the ‘Mapping out’ team attended seminar “Vozes de Direita”, organized by Irccardo Marchi (CEI-ISCTE). The event gather together many experts on the right wing mobilisations in Portugal and it was dedicated to sharing and discussing the main findings of their projects. Together, Thais França (Cies-Iscte) presented the status of anti-immigrantion mobilisations in Portugal  It was the first public presentation of Mapping out preliminary results. All the presenters,João Gabriel de Lima (ICS); Riccardo Marchi (CEI-ISCTE) and Gabriel Guimarães (ICS), Thais França (CIES-Iscte, Mapping Out) promoted a critical and lively debate on the topic. 

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