Check what happened during Mapping out Norway team visit to Lisbon!

Kristian Berg Harpviken and Thais França (from left to right)

Venue: PRIO, Oslo, Norway

From  19 to 23 of June, 2023, Dr. Thais França  visited PRIO, Oslo as part of her “Mapping Out” activities. Together with Dr. Kristian Berg Harpviken, Manes Weisskircher, Pietro Castelli Gattinara and Thais França had the opportunity to discuss the progress of the current research activities regarding anti-immigration mobilisation in Europe. 


Additionally, she presented her work “Transnational diffusion and movements in latent stages: the case of anti-migration mobilizations in Portugal” in the Brown Bag session, when she had the opportunity to share her findings with PRIO’s team as well as to receive insightful comments on her work. 


Lastly, during her stay, Dr. Thais França and Dr. Kristian Berg Harpviken also planned the next visit of the Norway team to Lisbon that will take place during fall 2023. 


The group will meet again at the 20th IMISCOE conference in Warsaw from 3 to 6 of July, where they will join the panel  “Reaching Out to Close the Border: Understanding Mobilization against Migration across Europe” organised by Dr. Dr. Kristian Berg Harpviken.

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